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After School Enrichment

Our school offers an educational experience that is both challenging and individualized by providing opportunities for the students to explore their interest and develop a passion for learning in a small class environment. Through our ASE/BSE and tutoring options our vision is to reach more students in our community and inspire greatness in each student's life by offering opportunities for gaining new skills.

Tutoring is available for Pre-K through 8th grade and the fee for tutoring is based on the request. Tutoring is for those students that seek one of the following programs in all curriculum areas (math, reading, science, social studies):


Assistance or reinforcement of current material


Relearning of material that they are finding difficult to grasp


Learning of new and progressive concepts beyond current achievement

Our qualified teachers and staff will provide an assessment for you of your child’s individual needs and work with you to determine a customized program. Please email our tutoring coordinator, Sherry McMahan with information on subject and grade level to be tutored