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Enrichment Opportunities

Learning is not tied down to 9–3 or just in the classroom, but extends beyond the end of the school day. Student curiosity and imagination doesn't end at the bell so why should the opportunities to explore new subjects.

We recognize the arts as windows to the world; exposing children to new ideas, cultures and places — empowering them to become strong, independent leaders of tomorrow. We also believe that every child should be given the opportunity for fitness, leadership, and athletic competition whether they are a stand-out athlete or not. Thus, our students are provided the means to acquire and hone artistic and athletic skills by our experienced specialists in the areas of the arts such as dance, drama, visual, music, and a variety of sports and fitness activities.

Research shows that the arts and physical activity enhance the learning process. The systems they nourish include integrated sensory, cognitive, emotional and motor capabilities, which are the driving forces behind all other learning. Thus, students who are exposed to the arts & fitness are more creative thinkers, better problem solvers, achieve higher grades, have increased success on standardized tests, and have a higher self-esteem.

The Academy's K-12th After School and Before School Enrichment Programs of Clubs, Music Lessons and Private Tutoring as well as The Academy's One To Grow On Program for preschoolers target areas that continue the excitement after the school day has ended and are in areas that help students realize their full potential.

ASE @ The Academy

Skills get imprinted through action. Traveling in the path of greatness, even in someone else's footprints, is an essential means of acquiring a skill.

ASE is the After School Enrichment Opportunities offered in Impact Point for K-8th Grade. In this place, with the space to unleash the mind-body connection to its fullest potential, students put paint to canvas, finger to instrument, toes to stage, palm to ball, chisel to stone, muscles to resistance, voices to melody, feet to rhythm. With hearts beating and pulses racing, with confidence growing and dreams stirring, students suspect themselves capable of anything — and perhaps, for the first time, truly recognize themselves.

Our ASE program consists of:

  • Clubs:Drama, Glee, Sports, Fitness, Lego, Speed Stacking, iPad, Dance & Art
  • Private Tutoring: in all academic areas

For additional information, please email Sherry McMahan.

BSE @ The Academy

BSE is the Before School Enrichment Opportunities offered in Impact Point for K-8th Grade. The focus of the BSE is on music through band, guitar, and piano. Musical skill exposure allows a greater understanding of musical structure, vocalization and instrumentation.

Morning Care @ The Academy

To allow flexibility for working parents, students are able to be dropped off starting at 8:00 at Impact Point. They will be cared for and walked to their class at 8:45. There is a minimal fee for this service.

OTGO @ The Academy

Enriching the Educational Experience with Endless Possibilities to Grow

At The Academy Preschool, One to Grow On classes continue the development and growth of a child ages 3–5 years in areas that are exciting and meaningful to that child. Each class targets specific skills that are important to the overall development of each child. Through these courses, children are encouraged to use their creativity and imagination, build self confidence, and enhance listening skills and complex reasoning skills and more. This program adds to their foundation in learning that will last them a lifetime.