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High School

A learning environment that educates and empowers while encouraging true grit in each of our students to ensure their success in career and college.

Launching 2016, The Academy completes the educational journey with the addition of a high school committed to providing an inspirational environment with a rich, diverse program ensuring that students are both career ready and college prepared.


The Academy High School aims to enable young people to flourish in a school where students lead fulfilled lives while developing the personal skills and qualities that will shape and enhance their adult lives of tomorrow. Our staff is dedicated to helping them grow as individuals, find and achieve their own current and future ambitions. We aim to provide them with the strength to succeed, the wisdom to make informed choices, and resilience and support in the face of difficulties.

The Program

With a rich and rigorous curriculum, the high school is a blended learning classroom that capitalizes on the best combination of face to face teaching, digital technology and extended learning opportunities designed to boost student achievement. A system is in place to guide and monitor the three key areas of academics, career path and social care. The students will have a team of specialists working with them to chart their path- Academic Advisor, Life Coach and a Career Mentor.

Independence is fostered while areas of strength are identified and passions nurtured. Creativity and adaptability are the new imperatives in this next step in their educational journey. When technology is combined with strong, skilled teachers and a student centered focus, it makes for a classroom where teachers are able to build powerful relationships and direct their attention where students need them most. Our unique, differentiated approach develops leaders, lifelong learners and lasting skills for the real world.


Our mission is to challenge and inspire every one of our students by broadening their horizons, enriching their learning, and fully supporting them through each step of their journey. Academic achievement is a priority in that every student will be given the opportunity to pursue their full potential, commensurate with their ability and achieve their highest possible attainment level. The Academy high school curriculum seeks to promote depth of study and breadth of choice, encouraging independence in learning and self-discipline in work habits.

Teachers and the Career Advisor will customize a path of rigorous and engaging courses that will meet the student’s goals. The classes are taught in a blended environment of online learning, face to face instruction, small group projects and field studies, which enables us to offer a much wider choice of courses. Different learning styles are accounted for and a system is in place to maintain organization to complete the assignments. Students learn at their own pace, mastering material before progressing to the next level. They are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, and we will foster a spirit of enquiry, questioning and discovery. With real time data of a student’s progress, the teacher can work directly with students to review concepts or answer questions on assignments and assessments.

Students are provided with realistic short and long-term goals within an optimized, balanced schedule, which allows opportunity to earn dual high school/college credit or master the material and take an AP or CLEP exam for college credit. All courses are Common Core aligned, ODE accredited and grounded in proven research so that all students succeed.

Social & International

The Academy provides a safe, community environment to foster the love of learning. The teen years are a time of growth and change and exerting their new found independence. It is also a time of great peer and external influences on impressionable minds not quite developed to always make sound decisions. The social component is imperative in and out of the classroom. We work to build character and to engage in personal responsibility through community service. After school hours, the students will have opportunities to engage in activities that help solidify their formative years as we pair up with other teen groups in the area.

Significant importance is attached to peer support which Academy students are encouraged to give each other. It provides trust, cohesion, friendship and high morale, along with a sense of belonging and security. We promote moral integrity and responsibility, mutual acceptance, respect and an appreciation of human diversity. We encourage cultural diversity with the admission of some students from overseas and envisage partnerships with international schools to broaden the horizons, experiences and foreign language skills of Academy students.

Career Path

Developing strengths, pursing passions and taking a learning style inventory are important components in developing essential pre-employment and life skills. This will be achieved through community service, self-assessments, field experiences, immersion weeks, career observations, leadership opportunities, ACT/SAT prep and internships. Elective courses will complement the career path of interest. Students will ask themselves, who am I, what do I want to do and where do I excel. They will form a picture of their future and be excited and motivate by the possibilities.

The Academy High School’s environment will allow students to learn to be self-regulated and become self-directed leaders for their next steps in college and later in their careers. Its unique approach individualizes a plan that is right for each student so that their goals are achieved with the assistance of their Academic Advisor, Life Coach and Career Mentor. Our blended learning environment educates and empowers while encouraging true grit in each of our students to ensure their success.