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Providing students with rigorous challenges that stir their curiosity, spark their imagination and inspire their confidence.

A high quality education provides opportunities for students to explore their interests and develop a passion for learning with the assistance of motivated and enthusiastic teachers. Optimal learning takes place in small groups that are flexible and provide time for whole group, small group and individual instruction based on hands on learning.

Our program's curriculum covers all academic areas of language arts, math, science, art, social studies, geography, health, foreign language, physical education and fine arts. In our classrooms, learning is thematic, literature based, hands on, meaningful and cooperative.

In Depth Look: K-12th Academics

In addition, our program also features unique ways that promote excellence in education by giving children a wide variety of experiences and opportunities to grow in all areas of development.


Foreign Language, Fine Arts, and Physical Education

The foreign language of Spanish, fine arts of music & visual art as well as physical education is incorporated into the class weekly.


Character Development

Character Development fosters a positive social climate that allows for individual development and authentic learning to occur.


EXTRA Classes

EXTRA Classes are a time for students to explore areas of interests outside of the normal classroom learning.


Immersion Weeks

Immersion Weeks are additional enrichment opportunities at the end of a 6 week theme unit study in which learning is put into action through field trips, guest speakers and parent programs. 


Spotlight Time

Spotlight Time is an opportunity during Friday assembly for students to share with their classmates their skills, talent and interests. During this time, students also have the occasion to receive Academy Awards in recognition of their contributions to the classroom during the week.



Technology is an integral part of the classroom through the utilization of smart boards, iPads and computers.


Student Assessment

Student Assessment is based classroom projects, teacher observations, portfolios, independent work, group participation, as well as traditional and standardized tests.

School wide assessment is accomplished through the administering of the MAP Assessment given to all K–8th grade students. It provides a measure of standardization comparison to other schools across the nation and at a local level to hold us accountable for each student’s success. Previously, we have administered the IOWA Basic Skills Test and our students consistently performed at a minimum of 1 grade level above their actual level. Our total tests score are equivalent to 95 out of 100.

Lastly, The Academy environment is unique in that the classroom set up allows for creativity and flexibility depending on the subject or project. Research has shown that kids need to have a comfortable environment that allows them to move. You will see couches, bean bag chairs and movable desks and chairs. There are also reading lofts and comfortable rugs to stretch out.

This is The Academy difference that will make a difference in your child's life.

In Depth Look: Preschool Academics

Our goal is to prepare children for success in school and beyond with an educational experience that will stir their curiosity, spark their imagination and inspire their confidence.

The Academy is dedicated to providing children a developmentally age-appropriate environment, which encourages an enthusiasm for learning through creative play. In a blended social and academic setting, the children develop and improve their problem solving abilities, a positive self-concept, language skills, and motor skills. This approach concentrates on the process of learning and provides children with the opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.